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What Are the Best Moments in 2019 Calendar?

Along a year in 2019 consists of 365 days. There must have some beautiful and memorable moments in your life. There also have some important days for government and international sides. To remind you regarding to those moments, it is possibly writing notes on 2019 calendar. You can note the important moments in 2019 on the calendar in the right days. What are memorable moments that can be celebrated in 2019?

Religious Days

When you see a monthly calendar in 2019, certainly you will see many important days to celebrate and regard. Religious days become a special moment during 2019 that can be celebrated. Starting from January to December has some different religious days. On December 25th, 2019, it becomes a big religious day for Christians. Meanwhile, Islamic big day is celebrated based on Islamic calendar which is always different from every year. Hindu and Buddha also has big religion day.

International Days

After religious days, there are some international days celebrated in 2019 calendar. On 25th January, it is an international leprosy day and Ramsar conference on February 2nd. The moment of seven – province ships is held on Februari, 5th. Valentine day is conducted on every 14th February. Meanwhile, if you want to speak and communicate with mother tongue language, it must be held on 21st February. CITES conference is held on 6th March. To regard all women in the world, on March, 8th, it is international women day.

There are still some international days on 2019 calendar printable. International water day is on March, 22nd and tuberculosis day is on 24th March. World’s bank day is held on 1st April and Earth day is on 22nd April. Don’t forget to read books on 23rd April. May Day is on first May. International anti tobacco is held on 31st May. 21st September is regarded to be International Peace Day. World’s food day is held on 16th October. On 20th November, there is a World’s child day. World’s AIDS day is conducted on the first December. World’s disability day is on 3rd December. Human Rights Day is held on 10th December.

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Special Days – Celebration

In addition to those days in 2019 calendar template, there are special days to celebrate. When you step on 25th January, it means that it is a nutrition and food day. Meanwhile, 15th January is a day of Sea and Ocean Day. On 1st July, it is an Indonesian Police day. 5th October is celebrated to be Indonesian National Army.

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