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If you plan to design a new 2020 calendar printable , understanding the most essential elements that you must include in your design is crucial. These elements can be either decorative or functional. By incorporating them in your calendar design, you can determine not only the look of your calendar but also how the calendar will benefit you.

Essential Calendar Design Elements 2020 Calendar Printable

When you are designing your 2020 calendar printable using online calendar designer or graphic design applications that are installed locally on your computer or handheld gadget, your calendar must include the following essential elements.

Core calendar elements

Core calendar elements include the year number the calendar is associated with, the names of months and days, and the date numbers. If your calendar lacks any of these core elements, the information that it provides will be vague and unclear.


Your 2020 calendar printable tells you not only about what day or date is today. It also informs you about some special days that everyone celebrates. Holidays are important elements that must be present in your calendar. If you design your calendar from scratch, you can input the holidays manually in it. If you are using a template, be it online or offline, holidays are usually already included in it.

Functional Calendar Design Elements

Besides those essential elements that must be present in a calendar, there are also some secondary elements that you may or may not add to your calendar design. As mentioned above, these secondary elements can be either functional or decorative. If you want to expand the functionality of your calendar, here are several functional calendar design elements that you can add to your 2020 calendar printable.

Extra Calendar Systems

Although the majority of people on earth use the standard Gregorian Calendar, you may need to add extra calendar systems to your calendar design if you deem necessary. You can add Julian Calendar that is still used in some East European countries, Chinese calendars, or lunar calendars like Islamic and Jewish calendars.

Notes Field

Many people make notes about certain days in a year that they deem special. If you are also used to taking such notes, you may want to add notes field to your 2020 calendar printable.

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An empty box that you add at the side or bottom of your main calendar field can be used for taking notes, allowing you to make reminders more easily and conveniently.

Extra Holidays

There are generic holidays that all people in your country celebrate, but there are also more personal holidays that only you or your family celebrate. Holidays like birthdays and religious holidays can be added to your 2020 calendar printable if you design the calendar yourself.


If you are designing a school calendar, you may need to add highlights—for example—for days on which you should enter the class and days on which you can take day-offs.

Decorative Calendar Design Elements

Decorative elements are used to make your 2020 calendar printable appear more attractive. The number of these elements is almost limitless because your creativity is the only factor that limits it. Among decorative elements that you can add to your calendar are the two below.

Fancy Fonts

Your calendar consists of texts and numbers. Their look is determined by the fonts that you use when typing them. With fancy fonts, those texts and numbers will appear stunning and attractive.

Graphic Elements

Graphic elements include photos, frames, and any images that you can add to your calendar design. Choose the best images to add to your calendar and decide how you will use them in your design and you will have a fancy 2020 calendar printable.

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