5 Essential Tips for 3-Month Calendar Template Excel

3-month calendar template Excel might be something familiar for you. However, you need something more appealing if you want your calendar design goes out there. Also, there are tons of calendar types and styles available nowadays. You should keep up with the trend after all.

Digital things are indeed the current trend right now. Paperless and fast are two main reasons why people want to use digitized versions of anything as well as a calendar. This is also why the 3-month calendar template Excel is still around and popular.

Tips for 3-Month Calendar Template Excel

If you are in the business of calendar making, you should check this article until the last word. You cannot stay away from today’s trend. In this article, we will give you 5 essential tips when it comes to calendar design and printing.

1. Pick a Theme

When it comes to designing a calendar or anything that includes visual matters, you need to come up with several themes or concepts. Later, you can ask for feedback from your co-workers, friends, or colleagues.

No matter what theme you choose, you should make sure that the theme is consistent, obvious, and appealing to your targeted audience.

2. Consider the Number of Months per Page

As we all know, there are several options when it comes to a calendar. Per page, it can contain one month, 2-month, 3-month, 4-month, 6-month, or 12-month. The most important thing here is that anything on the paper is readable.

Most calendars used for business prefer to use one month display. It allows them to convey the message properly considering per page is like a wall that shows a message.

3. How Many Page?

After you decide the number of months that will be displayed per page, you also need to determine how many pages you would have. It is also related to the style of printing whether you want to make a double-sided printing or not. Double-sided printing will allow you to save the number of pages used as the spirit of Green practices goes by.

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4. What about the Message?

After you choose a specific theme, you must strengthen the concept with a catchy message. It is better to be something that conveys the best service or products provided by your business. The message will help to highlight the company in the most unique way. Also, it could become the synonym of your brand.

5. Think about the Printing Technique

Printing is the final step in the process of making a calendar. If you let another party print your calendar, it is important to set the ground rules and discuss the technique you want to use.

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If you are not sure about the technique, you can start by defining the quality of paper, the finishing you want to get, and so on. The calendar seems like a trivial thing. However, printing a high-quality calendar would help your business to get a proper promotion.

6. Calendar for Personal Use

If your calendar is supposed to be a personal-use calendar, you can start by choosing the theme you want to get. Excel has several templates available or you can find the template you like on the internet. Later, you can modify it with colors and anything you like to be on your calendar.

Keeping a calendar is important even for today when the digital stuff has taken the world. Having a calendar will keep you on track with everything you do in a day, month, or even years. So, if you want to have your calendar without purchasing one on the market. You can try 3-month calendar template Excel from your computer or some websites.

3-month calendar template

3-month calendar template

January to March

3-month calendar template excel

3-month calendar template excel

April to June

3-month calendar

3-month calendar

July to September


3-month calendar 2020

3-month calendar 2020

October to December