Free August 2019 Calendar for French Events

August 2019 Calendar

August is always interesting to wait, especially for those who are in France. A lot of interesting events are held in August there. Most of the events are festivals which are enjoyable to watch. If you take a look at August 2019 calendar and visit France in August, you can enjoy festivals of Saint Louise, Saint Loup, Confolens Folklore, and Street Theatre. Saint Louise festival is going to be held in the royal canal Sete, France.

This festival takes six to seven days. Moreover, it is an annual festival which had been started since 1666. The festival is one of the cultural uniqueness exists the city Sete. People joining this festival will have some tournament, such as press tournament and heavyweight tournament. Moreover, there will be shows, fireworks and quayside bars during the festival of Saint Louise. You May See : Having Best August 2020 Calendar

Celtic festivals calendar

Besides Saint Louise festival, Saint Loup is also held in the same month. This is an annual festival of Celtic music in which people play traditional music of Celtic. This festival is also for Breton dance. Breton dancing festivals let people learn more about traditional culture of Breton through workshops, games, unique costume competitions, and regional pipe band shows.

There is also a traditional costume festival exclusively for children in which the children must wear fancy dressing properly. This is a part of Saint Loup festival which is called BugaleBreizh. Children who join BugaleBreizh have opportunity in the cultural workshop. This package of festival is in the list of August 2019 calendar. If you visit Guingamp next year in August, you can enjoy the festival of Saint Loup.

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August 2019 Calendar Printable

August 2019 Calendar With Holidays

These French festivals are held in August every year. Confolens Folklore festival takes place in Confolens while Street Theatre festival takes place in Aurillac. Both places are interesting to visit in August. Confolens Folklore is set with carnival from a lot of volunteers from around the world with different costumes.

The carnival is covered with folk music and dance rhythm. So, you can see cultures from all around the world through Confolens Folklore. If you like theatrical shows, Street Theatre festival can be a good performance to enjoy.

A lot of street artists will perform theatrical show in Aurillac and thousands of spectators will come and see the performance. It usually takes four days for the festival. Confolens Folklore and Street Theatre festivals are also in the list of August 2019 calendar for French events.


August 2019 Calendar Template

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