Calendar Printable Monthly: Reasons You Should Keep a Calendar

Calendar printable monthly is available in so many websites today. However, many people still think that they have enough with the online calendar and calendar they have in their smartphone. At some point, you will understand why staying old-school like keeping a calendar would still be an essential thing today.

We agree that you can always write things on your smartphone. But, can you imagine if you suddenly have no time to check your phone? On the other hand, your week might get pretty dense with a bunch of schedule like your son’s soccer game, paper deadline, a career development seminar with your employees, and so on. Keeping a calendar or using calendar printable monthly will save your life.

Old saying stated that when you write something with your hand, your brain will keep and remind you later. On the other hand, something you write on your smartphone or online will just evaporate considering those things move pretty fast nowadays while it could happen with your memory too.

Reasons You Should Keep a Calendar Printable Monthly

So, here are the reasons why you should keep a calendar in your life. Even if you just use a monthly calendar, it will still help you to keep up and stay organized with your personal and academic life.

1. Plan for Study Time

When you have tons of things going on, you may also want to set your study time. Having a calendar will allow you to write down things on it and see if you have free time. Of course, it is not only for planning study times but also planning about other things.

2. Track Due Dates

Let’s say that you just got the syllabus for the first course. You might be tempted to think that there is plenty of time you have before you get into the quiz two weeks later. However, if you do not make a plan for it, the due date will come closer than you expected.

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A calendar will help you to keep an accurate yet up-to-date due dates for important assignments and other deadlines. Rather than being overwhelmed with tons of deadlines that fall into the same date, you can break them up and manage it by using your calendar.

3. Keeps People around You Informed

If you live with other people like family members or roommates, you might want to inform those people about your schedule. It will be a good thing especially if you want to let them know when you are free and when you should be attending important events. This is also one of the ways to maintain open communication. So, when you want to study for your exams next week, your parents would know immediately.

4. Eliminate Anxiety

Sometimes having a bunch of things to do such as assignments, class nights, deadlines, family events, second jobs, and so on, will make you panic yet increase anxiety. Remembering all things in your hand or write it in your smartphone would just explode your head. By writing it on your calendar, you have eliminated some of your anxiety reasons on somewhere else. It will also decrease the chance of you forgetting things.

5. See Availability Quickly

Have you ever heard that people would say “let me check my calendar” in your life? Yes, the calendar helps you to stay organized and to see availability quickly. As we have explained in the previous paragraphs, having a calendar will keep you managed.

You can also know when you are free and when you need a dedicated time to do a certain thing. So, keeping a calendar is highly recommended no matter what your job is. For a simpler way, you can use calendar printable monthly that can be downloaded for free.