Create Your Own Calendar Printable Pdf

calendar printable pdf – A calendar is undeniably important in our lives, especially for somebody like you who must have many things to do and places to go. Making plans, organize meetings, keeping track of everything, come to think of it, there is nobody lives without the help of calendar, no matter how little its contribution is to their lives. There are two types of calendar, the first one is printed and the second is the online calendar.

Advantages of the Use of a Printed Calendar

Maybe some of you out there using only the second type of calendar, the online one. Surely, using an online calendar is not a sin as I myself am using it as well. However, the use of printed calendar has some benefits too.

When you are trying to come up with an idea of a gift, have you ever thought of a calendar? Whether for personal use or a business promotional tool, a calendar can come in great.

So let’s start brainstorming for calendar printable pdf that you can use to support this gift idea. To give you some supportive reasons to start, here are some advantages of the use of a printed calendar just for you.

  1. Numbers of choices. From desk calendars, posters calendar, A4 Calendars and many more. It is up to you to choose according to your preference and use.
  2. Calendars will make an unusual gift. It does not matter for personal or business gifts, the present will increase in value for the recipient.
  3. Easy to deliver. It is printed stuff that makes it easy to wrap out and send it via post.
  4. Nice to see. When the calendar is nicely designed it will be a good decoration and functional at the same time.

READ Calendar Printable Template And Ways Of Using It

For you who own and operate a business, the use of calendar as a gift for your clients or customers will do you good.

  1. Looking for a way to promote your business? A calendar will provide a full year of promotion, every time your customers looking at the calendar, it will remind you of your brand.
  2. A calendar is a great way of branding for your business. By putting your products, achievements of your company and things that you can show off to your customers, to get to know your business added with some advertisement of the brand itself provide the bigger chance for the customer to be interested in the products.
  3. You can find printed calendars everywhere in places. With this, you practically advertising and promoting in all those places.
  4. Finally, calendars are a good way to raise customers’ loyalty.
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Personal or professional, the use of the printed calendar is very helpful since it is unique, and functional as well. You may start to think about getting some calendar printable pdf by now.

How to create your calendar printable pdf

These easy steps of creating your own calendar printable pdf using PowerPoint Online for free.

  1. Choose ‘Calendar’ from the Microsoft Office template gallery to check out the designs available for your PowerPoint and then choose to download or edit in the browser.
  2. Insert your photos by right-clicking one of the images and click” Change picture”. If your photos are more thine 6 MB in size, you may want to resize them first.
  3. The events template would have been provided by the templates but in case you wanna add some more of your events just type in the textbox on the wanted date.
  4. The last step is clicking  ‘File > Print’. By doing it your powerpoint is converted to pdf format and later be saved in OneDrive. Another option is you can save it in Microsoft pptx format by selecting “Download a copy”  if you still want to add some edits later.

Those are how you can create your own calendar printable pdf. Now you are ready to go.