Celebrating Holidays in May 2019 Calendar

May 2019 Calendar

May 2019 calendar can be interesting month especially for people who are looking for holidays. There are some holiday times which can be found within this month. People should know more about the holidays within this month so they are able to prepare needed things for celebrating it. Celebrating things can be a great way for helping them enjoy their life. They cannot just use most of their time for working and working because they also need to enjoy their selves. There are so many moments which can be found in this month and they can plan something interesting with their friends or family.

Cinco de Mayo

This is the very first holiday which can be celebrated in May the 5th. It is the time for celebrating the victory of Mexican army on 1862 over the France army at the Puebla Battle during Franco-Mexican War. This can be Mexican celebration but in the United States of America, this holiday is also celebrated because it is associated with the Mexican American culture celebration. However, people must remember that it is different from the Independence Day of Mexico.

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Mother’s Day

Another important day which should be considered in May 2019 calendar must be Mother’s Day. This holiday is celebrated yearly on the May’s second Sunday. Just like its name, it becomes the right time for celebrating the motherhood. This is the time when all mothers including mother figures will be appreciated. Of course this also becomes part of contribution to the society. During this celebration, the children will send the gift or card to their mother. There can also be special effort which is done such as visiting her and spending time enjoying dinner or lunch together with festive menu.

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May 2019 Calendar With Holidays

Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day

There is federal holiday which is celebrated in May 2019 calendar called Armed Forces Day. This celebration will be done on the May’s third Saturday. This day, people will pay the tribute to men as well as women who are serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America currently. Next, there is also Memorial Day which is also known as Decoration Day. This is also the federal holiday. May’s last Monday becomes the time for celebrating this holiday. It is the moment for commemorates the women as well as men who have died when serving in military for the nation. There are two patriotic celebrations which can be found in May after all.

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