5 Best Apps For Monthly Calendar Editable On Android

Since the first time the mobile device appeared, monthly calendar editable is one of the mandatory applications that are in the device. Although it may seem simple, this is one of the most widely used applications to manage our daily lives both in school, college, or work.

Of the many calendar applications that exist in the Google Play Store and AppStore, there are times when you are confused about wanting to download monthly calendar editable application that presents a simple facial display and has full features.

5 Best Apps For Monthly Calendar Editable On Android

Besides having a function to know the day and date, the calendar also has a function as a reminder about an event or an event. Speaking of calendars, every mobile device must be equipped with a default calendar application. However, not all of the default calendar application has complete monthly calendar editable features.

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

So the application is mandatory on all Google devices, this is the best calendar application for Android and iOS users. Why?

Google Calendar is an application that focuses on what’s important first, which makes the information that appears on the calendar is easy to read.

Not only that, but this application also makes it easy for you to add a schedule or event on the calendar and sort out what is important to do first.

Google Calendar can also synchronize with other applications and display certain colors for different special events or schedules.

2. DigiCal



For those of you who are bored with Google Calendar, another calendar application that you should try is DigiCal.

DigiCal is a Google Calendar with more features. Through this monthly calendar editable  application, you can find out information when the moon phase occurs to weather information for the next few weeks.

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Even so, DigiCal has several disadvantages compared to the Google Calendar application. One of them is difficult to enter a new schedule into the application. Not only that, some of the best features in this application can only be used after you pay.

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3. Cal Calendar

When first launched, Cal Ca

lendar appeared unique and different both in terms of design and easier to use than other calendar applications. Different from some of the monthly calendar editable applications on this list, users do not need to pay to enjoy the features that are in this application.

These features are synchronizing with Google Calendar and Exchange, widgets, and the ability to invite friends, family, or coworkers to an interesting event.

4. Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2

This calendar application is designed with intuitive navigation and has a very informative display. You can note the agenda or event schedule on this application so you don’t miss it. This application can also synchronize the Android calendar for example from Google Calendar or Exchange.

In addition to recording the agenda or event schedule, Business Calendar 2 can also record various tasks that must be done and when the deadline. Birthdays that are on your device’s contacts can also be added to this application. Interestingly, this application allows you to customize the calendar view according to taste. The widgets provided can also be arranged according to your needs and desires. If anyone wants to download it, just click right away

5. Today Calendar

Today Calendar is designed with an attractive user interface thanks to themes that look clean and beautiful. The appearance design is also very informative. All agendas within one month can be seen clearly so that no agenda is missed.

Today Calendar

Today Calendar

This calendar application can manage all your agenda or events quickly and easily. Designed with a high degree of functionality and aesthetic appeal in mind, Today Calendar can be counted on to manage all your pre-scheduled agenda.

So, do you have other monthly calendar editable application suggestions?

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