3 Simplest Ways To Make Monthly Calendar Excel

The calendar or monthly calendar excel is one of the tools used by most people to view time such as date and day. You can buy it easily in many places.  The first calendar function is as a time marker of the day, the second is part of the promotion. Not a few companies produce calendars every year as special merchandise for consumers.

Generally, if you want to make a wall calendar or desk calendar, you can go to a printing company that will help you print a calendar according to the design you want. Calendar printing costs are certainly different. Wall calendars are cheaper than sitting calendars, even though the size of the wall calendar is larger. This happens because the wall calendar uses thin material and does not require a hardcover mat like the desk calendar.

But did you know that you can make monthly calendar excel yourself? No, it doesn’t use third-party applications like Photoshop or Corel Draw. You only need one of the applications that you may open most often, namely Microsoft Excel, you absolutely can creat monthly calendar excel as you wish.

Yes, making monthly calendar excel just by using Microsoft Excel and a few simple formulas you can easily get a simple calendar. In this article, we will give you a few steps on how to easily create a calendar in Excel.

How to Make Monthly Calendar Excel

Microsoft Excel doesn’t just help you process data containing numbers or create tables. This Microsoft output number processing tool can also be used to create custom calendar templates.

How to make monthly calendar excel is not difficult, just follow the 3 simple steps below:

Create Headers and Titles

The first step to creating a calendar template is to create a header for day and month names. To create a column of day names in a week, just type the names of the days horizontally in the second column. Format the name of the day with a font size of 12 pt and bold. To correct irregular columns, select the Format option on the Home menu and click Column Width. Set the column width to the size of 15-20.

To create a month name column, simply type the month name in the first column, drag the entire column and click Merge and Center so that the writing protrudes neatly into the middle.

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Create Date

To create a special day and date column, you need to drag 5-6 cells down, highlight them, and click Merge and Center. Repeat these steps in each column of the day’s name until there are 30 columns. To make it more practical, you can copy the Merge and Center formatted columns to other columns.

To make the calendar look neater, do Grid Formatting by clicking the Bottom Border option (next to Underline), and selecting All Borders. After the calendar looks neat with the dividing lines, write the date in the upper right corner of all boxes in the calendar in order.

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Instead of typing numbers 1-30 manually, you can use the AutoFill feature. To do this, type number 1 in the first box and number 2 in the text box highlight the two cells and drag from the lower right corner of the cell to the next boxes. Repeat this step and adjust the number order in the next column row

Or, you can enter the formula in the initial cell (eg A1) and type +1 behind it (= A1 + 1), click Enter, highlight the result, and drag from the lower right corner of the cell to complete the date number in the next boxes.

Print Calendar

The results of monthly calendar excel look simple and you can print to put on the wall of your room or workspace. Before printing a calendar, you need to rearrange the spreadsheets so that they can print perfectly. To do this, click Page Layout, and in the Page Setup dialog box set the spreadsheet to Landscape format, click Fit to 1 page (s) wide by 1 tall, then click OK.

Good luck on your monthly calendar excel!

Monthly Calendar Excel

Monthly Calendar Excel

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Monthly Calendar Excel 2020


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