Tips to Create Your Own Monthly Calendar PDF – 4 Best Example

monthly calendar PDF – Calendar is an important element to help us making agendas, marking some important events, and reminding us about an upcoming holidays. Imagine, if we don’t have any calendar surely it will make us a bit difficult for arranging events and remembering important dates.

Tips to Create Your Own Monthly Calendar PDF

Luckily, calendar is available literally everywhere. We can find it in the store, in our computer or laptop, and in our phone. However, you can also make your own calendar if you want. Especially, your monthly calendar.

It will ease you in planning your monthly agendas. You can also make it in the form of pdf. Here are some tips that you can do to create your monthly calendar pdf. Without further adieu, here are the tips:

The First

The first thing that you need to do is open your browser. And then, search for PDF Calendar Maker Help. After you find it, open it up and follow its instructions which will be explained below.


Secondly, after you open the pdf calendar maker help you have to select the year first. After you select the year, you must start the month and followed by the number of months for your pdf calendar. Usually this pdf maker has a maximum of 24 months that are allowed for the “number of months” in the calendar template. However, you just need 1 for this number of months because you want to make a monthly calendar pdf.

The Third

The next step is, you must select the country in which you want to include holidays. However, when you don’t feel like to add some holidays to your monthly calendar, you could choose “Exclude Country Holidays” option that is available in the “more options” part.

After you are finished with holidays option, it’s the time to set the language for your monthly calendar. You could select it from languages that are already available in the templates. Nonetheless, if you can’t find your preferable language, you could request it through the feedback option that is already available for you.

The Fourth

The next step is the fun part where you could add your plan and agendas in your own calendar. You just need to click “add your own events” options. Then, you can add birthdays, parties or other events by clicking the “add” button. Don’t forget to enter the name of the events and their dates. After you done entering the events you just need to save it by clicking the “save” button. And then, your events and agendas will be stored in your local system. It will be available for 30 days because you choose to make monthly calendar pdf.

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After you done with adding the events and agendas you can change the colour of your calendar by using the “calendar colour” option. This option will allow you to make your calendar in basic colour which are black and white. However, if you don’t like the plain black and white colour you can colour your monthly calendar pdf with whatever colour you want.

After you are satisfied with the colour of your calendar pdf, you can also add religious holidays to your calendar by using the “religious days” option. If you don’t want to include any of them in your calendar it is fine too and you can skip to the next part.

The Last

The last but not least is you can print your own monthly calendar pdf. Before doing the printing, don’t forget to check the layout of the page. You just need to click the menu file and then select Print Preview on the browser.

All in all, the above explanations are several tips for you guys who want to create your own monthly calendar pdf. This monthly calendar will ease you to make an upcoming agendas and events. The steps in making this monthly calendar are easy and simple, so you guys should give it a try.


Monthly Calendar PDF

Monthly Calendar PDF

Monthly Calendar PDF 01

Monthly Calendar PDF 01

Monthly Calendar PDF 02

Monthly Calendar PDF 02


Monthly Calendar PDF 03

Monthly Calendar PDF 03