Tips to Create 5 Best Monthly Calendar Planner with Excel

monthly calendar planner – There will always be a time when you are in dire need of a calendar, and you may don’t have the time to just go out and buy one, or you just too lazy to go out and buy one. Then again, may be you just need weekly or monthly calendar to be pinned up to your wall.

Tips to Create Monthly Calendar Planner with Excel

Here is the good news for you, nowadays it is easy to create your own monthly calendar planner you could create it through google sheet or excel. However, this article will be focused on creating your own monthly calendar planner using excel.

The first

The first thing that you need to do is open your excel. After that, you need to type the days of the week in the first row of the spreadsheet. This row is beneficial for your monthly calendar foundation.

The Second

The next step is to create a monthly calendar that will hold 31 days because there are seven months in a year that have 31 days in them. This will be a grid of 7 columns and 5 rows in total. To start making monthly calendar planner you need to select the 7 columns and then adjust the first column width to whatever the size that you want. The rest of the column will be adjusting as the first one.

The Third

After that, it is time for the row to be adjusted. Select the five rows under your weekday row. Just select the first column and adjust it to the height that you want. Don’t forget to highlight the rest of the rows so they can be adjusted automatically like the first row.

The Fourth

The next step is that you need to align the day numbers to the upper-right of each daily box. You just have to highlight every cell that is in the seven columns and five rows. All of them. After that, right click on one of the cells and select for “Format Cell”. And then under the text alignment option, set the horizontal to right and vertical to top.

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Right now your cells alignment are ready. The next step is that you need to number the days. Therefore, you need to know what is the first day of the month that will be your monthly calendar planner. To make sure you get the first day of your chosen month right, you should check it through google. After you finish numbering your days of the month, you should be ready to move on to the next step which is adding your monthly planner.

READ Tips to Create Your Own Monthly Calendar PDF

Then it is time for you to add your events and agendas to your monthly calendar planner. You just need to double click the dates that you will put some events in to. Then type your events. Repeat the process when you want to add more events in your calendar.

The Last

The last but not least you can print your monthly calendar planner by selecting all of the calendar cells and then selecting file then choose print. Don’t forget to change the orientation from portrait to landscape. After that, select page setup, choose the sheet tab and don’t forget to enable gridlines under the print option. After that, click ok and then print to print your monthly calendar.

In sum, you can create your own monthly calendar planner through excel from scratch or you can create it by using the premade calendar. You could also add your agendas and events to your monthly calendar planner. You could also print it and pin it on your wall. Let me know what you guys think and don’t forget to create your own monthly calendar.