Free Monthly Calendar Template [12 Month Calendar]

Some Microsoft Word Facilities to Make Monthly Calendar Template

Monthly calendar template is useful to help you manage your daily activities in a month. It is like Microsoft Excel calendar template in which Microsoft Word provides some template facilities for calendar. It makes your activities manageable. Microsoft word provides some kinds of calendar templates to use. What are they? These are some following facilities of calendar template.

One-Month Student Calendar of Monthly Calendar Template

Do you have installed Microsoft Word 2010? If you have it, you may work on monthly calendar template. The calendar template has big boxes to make notes on every box or column for every date of a month. For example, on January, if you have an agenda to have a meeting, you may make a note to remind you. This calendar template has days, month, and year having changeable color background with Theme document on the tab of calendar of page layout. It is possibly clicking on the tab of design on Microsoft Word 2013.

Monthly Calendar Template


Academic Calendar

For those people installing Microsoft Word 2013, you can choose Academic Calendar. Monthly calendar template with big boxes is used to make small notes. You may change calendar color with using theme of document. The calendar also has mini calendar for previous and after month. You can edit month and year of the calendar on the tab of calendar. It possibly takes an early week of calendar when it is started on Sunday.

Lesson Plan Calendar

Another monthly calendar template can be chosen to make your activities tidy and manageable. What is it? Lesson plan calendar is a choice of monthly calendar temple designed to make learning plan naturally. Though it is initially used to design it, it has a possibility to meet the other needs related to your daily activities using calendar to remind your agendas. It is useful to prevent forgetting important agendas and activities planned.

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Family Photo Calendar

Having a cute calendar template with pictures seems to look interesting and unique. It may come true if you use family photo calendar for monthly calendar template. This monthly calendar template can be put pictures or photos on it. In this template, you can manage your schedule and agenda whether in early week of calendar or last of month. It likely takes the chosen days like Sunday or Monday. The photos look so cute to decorate your calendar template. You may put your family photos there. Those are some kinds of monthly calendar template that can be chosen.

Monthly Exercise Calendar


A month-to-month exercise calendar can choose the guesswork out of exercising, and therefore you don’t need to think just do the exercises.

You should plan moderate diet plan and exercise targets and make sure they can fit easily into your schedule. You are just about to set out on a 2-week diet program and workout regimen that will kick-start a wholesome way of life. So as to lose 1 pound per week, you should burn 3,500 calories each week or 500 per day. Because you are going to be on a very low calorie diet, it’s imperative not to overdo it! In the modern kind of lifestyle, weight is an issue for many. For instance, if you’re attempting to drop weight, record your weight once per week.

A workout log keeps track of what you do, permitting you to observe patterns in the event you aren’t meeting your exercise requirements. Furthermore, the Monthly Log also serves as a means to log notable snippets that happened. Your everyday exercise log has space for many of your physical activity during the day.