Unique Celebrations and Observances in November 2019 Calendar

November 2019 Calendar

November is the month of Thanksgiving so we know that November is definitely the month of festivities and celebrations. Moreover, beside the Thanksgiving in November 23rd, you can easily find several others Federal and State Holiday in November 2019 calendar.

Veteran’s Day 2019

On November 11th just like usual we will celebrate Veteran’s Day. This is the day where we can thank the veterans, our national heroes, for their service to the country. And since this year’s Veteran’s Day fall on Saturday, it means we will get one extra holiday at Friday so we can enjoy and participate in the Veteran’s Day events and celebrations. Furthermore, there are 6 State Holidays in November. In New Jersey and Virginia, November 7th is the Election Day. On November 24th, Georgia will have State Holiday to celebrate Robert E Lee’s birthday. Meanwhile, on the same day, New Mexico, Indiana and West Virginia will celebrate Lincoln’s birthday. And let us not forget about the Black Friday which also falls on November 24th. If you live in one of those states, you are lucky because you can enjoy one day off from work and school.

However, those are not the only things you can celebrate in November. Actually, there are still numerous other unique celebrations and unofficial observances that are probably not mentioned in every November 2019 calendar.

November 2019 Calendar Template

National Pizza Day

The first one is National Pizza Day which falls on November 12th. Even though pizza comes from Italy, this is absolutely American’s favorite food. During the National Pizza Day, you can find many Pizza festivals where you can enjoy some mouthwatering pizzas or even participate in an eating contest. If you feel like eating your pizza at home, simply go to your favorite pizza restaurant, and you will definitely get huge discounts.

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National Unfriend Day

After you are done with your Pizza, log on to your Facebook account on November 17th and let’s celebrate National Unfriend Day together. This event is created to make people interact more with real live friends instead of online friends that you don’t even know. In this day, you are urged to unfriend some Facebook users that you don’t know well. This action will be very beneficial to prevent crimes and protect your privacy.

November 2019 Calendar With Holidays

World Diabetes Day

If you feel like celebrating something with a good cause, you can participate in World Diabetes Day that falls on November 14th. This annual event is held to raise awareness about the danger of diabetes and to encourage people to live more healthily.

November 2019 Calendar Printable

Don’t forget to mark your November 2019 calendar Printable so your life will be full with celebrations.