Unique Things You Can Celebrate in October 2019 Calendar

October 2019 Calendar

If you look at October 2019 calendar, you will realize that we are so deprived of holiday this month. There is only one official Federal Holiday that is Columbus Day which falls on October 9th. Even though we only have one holiday in next year’s October, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun because there are actually a lot of things we can commemorate and celebrate in October.

Those days are not official holiday so it cannot be an excuse to get one day off from work or school. But we can still use them to have fun and enjoy the things we like the most, especially because some special days and unofficial observances on this month are very unique. You may Also like Celebrate Halloween with Amazing October 2020 Calendar

October 2019 Calendar Template

The first observance you can happily celebrate in October 2019 calendar falls on the first day of the month. If you are a coffee enthusiast who cannot start your day without a cup of black coffee, this is definitely your day because it is International Coffee Day.

International Coffee Day

The purpose of this day is to honor the coffee farmers and makers who have served us with great coffee over the years. Moreover, this day is also used to boost the international coffee trade so coffee enthusiast can gain access to various types of coffee. It is very easy to celebrate this day. Simply go to your favorite Starbucks and you will get discounts for the coffee you purchase.

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You can also use this day to give you an excuse to buy expensive coffee that you usually reluctant to buy on any other day. International Coffee Day is not the only thing you can celebrate on October 1st because the first day of this tenth month is also World Vegetarian Day. This day is created to promote the health benefit of being a vegetarian and to raise the awareness of environmental issue caused by meat-eating.

October 2019 Calendar With Holidays

Since those unique days are not mentioned in most October 2019 calendar with holidays, it is best if you mark your calendars and set reminders for the days you want to commemorate so you won’t miss the celebration.

This is the right day to try to be a vegetarian or even to start changing your lifestyle. It is not easy, but you definitely will feel the advantage afterwards.

Halloween 2019

The next interesting day we can celebrate on October is definitely the Halloween. Whether you want to go trick or treating or you prefer to stay home decorating your yard and give candies to the trick or treaters, Halloween is definitely a memorable day.

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