30 Amazing Portrait Calendar Template

Creative Tips to Make Your Own Portrait Calendar

Portrait Calendar

Calendar is definitely an inevitable thing in our life. Portrait calendar can be a reminder for important events we cannot miss, and sometimes we just need it to check when the next holiday is going to come. However, the calendar we get as freebies or we bought from the store always look so plain and just ordinary. When you put it on the wall or on the table, it just looks off and make your house decoration looks ugly.

Most importantly, the design is just not you and most of them don’t come with spaces to write important events you want to remember. So, does it mean you need to go back to the ancient days and live without calendar? Of course not! You can make your own calendar and the good news is it is very easy to make it. Simply follow these tips and you will get a calendar that you actually like.

The first thing you need to do to make a portrait calendar is to go online and find the template. There are various calendar templates you can find in the internet and you can choose them based on your needs. You can make a yearly calendar if you prefer something simple and you don’t like ripping the paper off every month. But if you want to make detailed notes on your calendar, you will need more space to write.

Thus, it is best to choose monthly calendar template. After that, choose the colors and decorations you want in your calendar and that’s all you need to do. You can print your calendar, paste it on the wall and start marking your important days. Talking about marking the calendars, it is not fun if you simply use a black marker. Be creative and make stickers to mark your calendar. It will be more fun and make the days you are waiting for more meaningful.

Portrait Calendar Template

Portrait Calendar Template

Portrait Calendar Template

Portrait Calendar Template 2020

Portrait Calendar Template 2019


If you think making your own portrait calendar template gives you too much hassle, then it is okay. Simply find a custom calendar maker and you can ask them to make a beautiful calendar with your personality all over it, for a price of course. This is certainly easier than making your own calendar. You can even add pictures, and create unique templates. Whether it is a poster yearly calendar or a simple desk calendar with the picture of your loved ones on it, custom calendar maker will definitely grant all of your wishes.