10 Amazing Design Weekly Calendar 2019

There are still so many weeks left in 2019. Designing a weekly calendar 2019 is thus a great way to plan your daily activities more conveniently and systematically. A weekly calendar is better called a weekly planner because unlike a regular calendar that is used mostly to tell you about the current day, date, or year, a weekly planner is used mostly for planning your activities, tasks, jobs, etc.

The Design of a Weekly Calendar 2019

The design of a weekly calendar is therefore directed toward that goal. If you are designing a weekly calendar 2019, you will mostly incorporate large empty boxes that are useful for taking notes of all activities that you will do within a week.

The most commonly used design for a weekly calendar is the day-only weekly calendar. A weekly calendar may consist only of seven columns or rows with each representing each day of the week. Date numbers may or may not be included in the design and the calendar is usually used for only one week before being archived in a record.

How to Design a Weekly Calendar 2019

There are several ways to design a weekly calendar 2019 easily and conveniently.

1. Using online calendar templates

Using online calendar templates is the easiest way to design a weekly calendar. Although the majority of online calendar makers feature monthly or yearly calendar templates, there are several websites, such as CalendarPedia and Schedulebuilder, that allow you to get weekly calendar templates that are either ready for further modification using word processing applications or ready for direct printing.

Using office suite applications

Almost every office application can be used to design a weekly calendar 2019. The table feature of word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and publishing applications allow you to design a weekly calendar in no time. With those applications, you can either design a weekly calendar from scratch or edit a template that you download from the internet.

If you are using Microsoft’s products, you can even download weekly calendar templates that are available on Office.com from within the applications without having to use an external internet browser.

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Using graphic design software

Aesthetics often becomes an important factor when designing a weekly calendar 2019. If you want to design a calendar for your class or a calendar that will also be used as a decorative element for your wall, you need to make sure that the calendar is nice-looking. Although online templates can also be good-looking, you can unleash your creativity much further if you use a dedicated graphic design application to design your weekly calendar.

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Vector-based applications, such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw, are the most recommended applications to deal with calendar tables and to beautify them, but if you prefer working with raster images, you can always design an amazing weekly calendar using raster-based applications like Adobe Photoshop.

Using mobile apps

Remember that a weekly calendar 2019 doesn’t always have to be physical. As people use smart devices more often than they use paper, you may want to have a digital weekly calendar instead of a paper one. There is a huge selection of calendar apps that you can use. Google has Google Calendar, Microsoft customers can use Outlook, and iPhone and iPad users can use Apple’s official calendar app that is installed on their devices.

There are also third-party calendar apps that are available on app stores, many of which allow you to print the calendar content, effectively transforming the digital calendar into a paper calendar.

There are various ways to get a weekly calendar 2019 that is easy to design, easy to modify, and easy to use. Pick the most preferred method that suits your needs and preferences.