2 Easy Methods to Create Weekly Calendar Excel

weekly calendar excel – Having a calendar pin-up on your office wall or in the room where your team usually brainstorm to think a new idea for your company is a good idea. You can put any plans on that calendar and other people in your team can easily access and read that information.

2 Easy Methods to Create Weekly Calendar Excel

Unfortunately, there are many times when we don’t have time to spare to go out and buy the calendar that you need. For this reason, you can try to create it yourself. Here, we have a guide for creating weekly calendar excel. Yes, you only need Microsoft Excel software and you are ready to get your weekly calendar.

Using the Calendar Template

The first method is using a template available in Microsoft Excel. Microsoft provides many kinds of calendar template you can use in Microsoft Excel. Here is how you can find it and use those templates to create a weekly calendar for your office.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel,
  2. Select “File”, then choose “New” to create a new document. You will find a page where you can choose the type of document you can create. The default setting is a blank document. You need to change it.
  3. Scroll down and find “Calendars” option in the list under the “Blank” option. Click it, once you find it.
  4. You will find many types of calendar template (daily, weekly, and yearly type). So, you just need to choose the weekly type and the design that you like.

If you can’t find the template or when you choose the “Calendars” option and you only find the blank area, it means that your Microsoft Excel doesn’t have the template. You need to download it first from Microsoft. It’s easy and free. Moreover, you can do it directly from the “Calendars” page when you create the new document.

Create a Custom Weekly Calendar

The other methods you also can use are creating a custom weekly calendar. It is also easy to do. Open the Microsoft Excel, and select “File”, then “New”, and choose “Blank” document. On the new spreadsheet, you can start by typing the days and time in, either the top row or the left-most column. It’s up to you.

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Once you type all this information, you need to adjust the wide of the column or row for each day and time. You can make it wide as much as necessary, especially if you think you will need to write down a lot of information on it. The most important thing here is making it suitable for your activity.

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To make it eye-pleasing, adding color on the text or the area where you put that text on is also a good idea. Make a certain color has a special meaning will also help you to increase your productivity. For example, for the lunch or resting time, you can add the red color on its row or column. It is easy to understand.

The last thing you need to do is printing the calendar. Open “File”, and then choose “Print” to start the printing process. On the Print page, you can adjust many things, such as the margins, paper size, and the printing orientation. Make sure you choose the correct setting to create a good result and easy-to-use weekly calendar.


Making a weekly calendar is much easier on Microsoft Excel. As you can see from our explanation above, you don’t need to spend too much time to do that. Use the templates of weekly calendar excel or make it manually. Everything can be done by anyone without needing too much skill or expertise. Plus, it’s cheaper and free.

weekly calendar excel template

weekly calendar excel template


weekly calendar excel

weekly calendar excel