How to Beautify a Simple Standard Weekly Calendar Printable

weekly calendar printable – Do you need a weekly calendar for your room or house? Some people maybe find it weird. Why would you need the calendar, if you have one in your gadget? The reason is simple. The calendar’s beautiful design also turns it into a decoration for your room. Of course, you can write any plan on it and use it as a reminder.

How to Beautify a Simple Standard Weekly Calendar Printable

Now, what you need to do is finding a weekly calendar printable template on the internet. Is just like that? No. A simple template won’t give you the decoration value that you want. So, decorate it!

Choosing the File Format

Many template sources provide their file in two different formats, mostly. They are PDF and Word format. Which one you should choose? PDF is the best format because you can have many options to edit it, especially if you use the good PDF editor software. However, if you want a simple and easy editing process, choose the Word format.

The latest Microsoft Word has enough features where you can add many things, from picture, text, vector art and many more. Moreover, if you are using the MS Word a lot, you won’t have any problem to add something in the weekly calendar template that you got from those sources.

What You Should Add?

You have many options. The easiest method to change the calendar template from the standard appearance into a more beautiful one is by changing its font style. For example, the standard font for the “Days” maybe is too stiff. You can use the more casual or even weird one to make it looks different and unique.

Adding pictures is also another good idea. Use two methods to add the pictures on your weekly calendar template. First of all, add a small image or your photo on the free space around the calendar table. It will change its appearance and turn it into a more personalized calendar if you add your memorable photo.

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The other methods are using a picture as a background. This method also adds a different background color. Once you print it and put it on the table, cabinet or other places, it will stand out among other items in that room.

Now, you have a nice decoration, which also can become your room focal point.  However, be sure to let the days, hours (if there’s any) and week table free from color. In short, keep it in white color, so you can easily write down your plan and read it when you need it.

Choose the Paper

Thicker paper is a good choice for a printable calendar. You can hang it or put it on a table in a stable position. However, if you want your weekly calendar to become much more useful, choose the paper that has a special surface for the magic marker.

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It means you can write anything on it and erase it easily without changing the paper. You save more papers this way, which means you also save our environment.

The Printer

That’s what you need to do to create a beautiful weekly calendar. However, you also need to have the proper equipment to print your design on a piece of paper. A laser printer would be a great option. It can print in very high-resolution format.

Moreover, it has a high density which makes the color printed on the paper looks more standout. But, if you don’t have one, you also can use the inkjet type printer.

The latest inkjet printer can even be compared with the laser printer in term of the printing result. That’s all. Now, find the best template of weekly calendar printable that you like. Get it, modify it, print it, and put it on your room.