20 Amazing Weekly Calendar Template

weekly calendar template – The weekly calendar is useful for reminding us of the important events or our plans a week ahead. Generally, we use our gadget to create this weekly plan. However, sometimes we also need to print it out and put this weekly calendar on the place where we use a lot, such as working desk, or near the mirror.

The Advantages of Using Weekly Calendar Template

If you have time, you can create this calendar from scratch using the software. But, it would be better if you use a weekly calendar template. Why?

Easy to Use

The template for the weekly calendar is designed to be ready to use. So, download it then print it, and voila, you have the weekly calendar for your room. Moreover, you also can find many types and designs for the weekly calendar.

It means you have many options that you can match with the activity or how you make your weekly schedule. It’s not only easy to use. The matched design or type also increases your productivity.

For example, if you have many plans for certain weeks, you can choose the design that provides more area to write down your plan. Or, if you only have several events to attend, where each of those events needs detailed information about what will happen in that event, you can use the template that provides a wide-area for each entry you put in the “Days” column. It is very useful for you who are very busy and need the best way to plan your schedule.


Many of those templates are designed by professionals. Therefore, it’s not surprising, if you need to pay to get the template with high artistic value and best functionality. Alternatively, the free version is also available for you.

Even though it is a free version, it doesn’t mean that it has lower quality than the paid ones. The free version gives you more freedom to change it into the weekly calendar design like what you want.

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READ How to Beautify a Simple Standard Weekly Calendar Printable

Now, if you compare it to a personalized weekly calendar that you order from professional, the DIY personalized weekly calendar using the free template is much cheaper. Moreover, you can add anything that you like in its design. So, this is the real personalized calendar for you. Of course, you don’t need to spend your money to do that. Everything is available for free, the template and your creativity.

Size Safe

When you create a weekly calendar from scratch, you may make a mistake when you decide the correct size between the design and the paper that you are going to use for printing that design. The template deals with that easily.

When you browse the weekly calendar template collection, you also can see the information about the best paper size for printing that template.

Some of the templates even have a different version of the design for different size of paper or media that you want to use. It helps you to minimize the usage of paper and avoid wasting it away.

Moreover, the correct size also creates a better result when you print it on paper. There won’t be any part that too large or exceed the area where it should be printed. So, the result is much better than the calendar without a template.


In shorts, the template helps you to ease everything out. You don’t need to spend your precious time to design and make it from scratch. You also can save more energy. Plus, you have more freedom to create a beautiful design by using the weekly calendar template as the base. This is the best method to create a weekly calendar.

Weekly Calendar Template Printable