Tips to Make Best Weekly Calendar with Time Slots (10 Sample)

The monthly calendar is common and many people have it. Now it’s time you have a weekly calendar with time slots. You can create your own weekly calendar exactly in 24 hours by using the rows and columns of Microsoft excel or you may customize some beautiful calendar templates of an Excel.

Ways and Tips to Make Weekly Calendar with Time Slots

There are ways and tips to make weekly calendar with time slots.  How to make it? See the explanations below!

Making your own weekly calendar manually

This way is to make a weekly calendar with time slots by using Microsoft excel manually. The steps are:

  • You need to open the spreadsheet in an Excel which is blank (blank sheet). After that, you should type in A1 box the time of calendar.
  • To create a day label of the week, in B1 box, you need to type Sunday. Then, drag the typed box (B1) to the box of H1, covering seven columns. In these boxes, all days in each week will fill automatically.
  • Type the specific time that you want to start the daily calendar in the A2 box and then, drag the box to the A25 box. This automatically will add the remaining hours for a day.
  • Type your appointments and also schedules in a certain box.

Using the certain template with the scheduling from Microsoft Office

  • Open the new document of an Excel and you should find the template of weekly calendar.
  • Select the template that you want to use and click Create.
  • Templates in Excel are interactive. To fill in the Microsoft template, click the field that you want to fill in and type your information.

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Creating a weekly calendar with online templates

  • Open the Microsoft Office website and find the template.
  • Locate the template you want to use and click the template thumbnail image.
  • Click Open in the Excel to open the template in a form of an Excel document.
  • You may have, sign in or enter with your account of  Microsoft. You can also log in with your work or school account. If you don’t have an account, create a new account.
  • Click Continue to create your template document.
  • If you want to continue using Excel Online, click the field that you intend to fill in. Then, you need to type the agendas of yours. However, when you intend to work or do this job in your application of excel desktop, you are recommended to click an Open in the Microsoft Excel.
  • After the application of excel desktop has been opened, it is good to click your aimed fields which you should change and fill in your schedule.
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Tips for designing a weekly calendar

Well, the most important thing to make a weekly calendar with time slots is the selection of color. Color selection is one important consideration. The color will make a calendar indirectly also introduce ‘himself’. Suppose a water company has a logo and a blue logo color, so the calendar will also use shades of blue according to the essence of the company. Avoid choosing colors that are far different from the company’s color buyer. For some companies, the essence of color is so important because it reflects the identity of the company.

It is important to remember that the calendar has a relatively long lifetime, so designers must design it to be utilized optimally. Consumers can use it as a promotional medium. Include the best photos that can be exhibited in the calendar if it is intended for a promotional function.

Pay attention to the size of the calendar because it will definitely affect the design of the calendar created.

In including photos, make sure you use photos of the right size. Do not let when designed, the calendar will be very good, but when printed will experience defects because the content specifications do not support.

In addition to art and design, it is also important to consider the material used to print calendars. Different types of calendars you want, different types of paper used. Wall calendars usually have two types of paper, they can be flexible types of paper but some are a little more rigid, while table type calendars usually use a rigid type of paper.

Distribute the calendar at the right time. Valid for independent calendar design makers who want to sell it freely, the end of the year is the right time to sell the calendar for the next new year so that it can be utilized optimally.

Those are some ways to make a weekly calendar with time slots.