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Simple Tips to Create Weekly Calendar

Weekly calendar

Weekly calendar is type of calendar which frequently used by businesses either small or large since they have loads of plans to do. That’s why they need to be very organized so that all the plans run based on the timely scheduled. This calendar contains one week with various kinds of scheduling purposes. By using this kind of calendar, you write more detail about the description for each event and plan you have to do. Hence, the plans will be wrapped up in more informative yet effective way.

Aside from showing more informative schedules, through this calendar you also can see your whole schedule for one week in a blink. For weekly schedules, people often use appointment books or organizers to jot downs the events and plans. However, it seems to be less effective since it commonly contains unsuitable materials. Rather than buying calendar when the year changes, you had better to create your own calendar for more effective and efficient use.

Before start making weekly calendar template, here some items that you need. First, you need to have Microsoft Works Calendar program in your computer. Buy some papers to paste the design of the calendar. You may choose card stock or other thicker papers. Don’t forget to prepare the printer since it is the important tool for this job. You also require three-hole punch and three-ring binder.

weekly calendar template


To start the making process, you should open Microsoft Works Calendar first. After the program is opened, you need to choose “Week” option menu bar of the program. Then, it will show you a blank document for the calendar which is designed for one week use. If you want to make any appointment or plan in particular day in a week, you only need to give double click on that date.

A dialog box will appear and require you to give the appointment information. You commonly need to write the tittle, time, and location of the appointment. Put the paper into the printer. Through the program, choose “File” option and then give a click on “Print” option. In the print style option, select week and the starting and finishing dates in a week. Click “Next” to pop-up more option. Opt for the printer type and fill the number of copies. Click “OK “if you have sure with the information you fill. Make punch holes on the left side of the calendar and put the ring binder on them so that you can be easier when using weekly calendar.

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