Amazing Template Designs of Yearly Calendar 2019

A new year is meant to be a new spirit for facing the new days. You can look at the calendar to see the upcoming days. Save the dates and agenda. A yearly calendar 2019 will be a guidance to welcome a new year. It can be used for economists to arrange an academic calendar, HRD to compose a working calendar and the other parties. However, you don’t get afraid because it will give a guideline to the important dates for anyone to anticipate the possible incidents.

The Purposes of A Yearly Calendar 2019 for Academic Purposes

The yearly calendar of 2019 is very useful for economists. It can be used to arrange activities related to the teaching-learning process. The calendar is functioning to determine 6 things. What are they?

Effective Teaching Learning Week

The calendar can be used to apply effective teaching-learning week with the minimum time allocation for 34 weeks and maximum for 38 weeks. It is used for doing effective teaching and learning process for academic purposes.

The Time Pause in Mid Semester

It is running with the maximal time allocation for two weeks or one week every semester. It can be used for doing exercises activities and arts to develop the students’ skills.

The Last Holiday in the End Semester

It is used to prepare activities and administration in the end semester and early school year semester. The time allocation is maximum for three weeks.

Holiday for Big Religion Days 

The total of religious days is maximum for 3 weeks in a year. The schools or universities requiring longer holiday for the big religious days are allowed to arrange its schedule but it doesn’t get allowed to reduce a weekly effective teaching-learning process.

Common and National Holiday Days 

A yearly calendar 2019 is used to determine national and common holiday days. It needs to obey the governmental rules in which it is not more than 2 weeks.

Special Holiday 

For a special and specific school, it is possibly adding a special holiday with the time allocation, not more than 1 week.

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Those are some important purposes why you should hold a yearly calendar 2019 before starting your lesson.

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The Template Designs for Yearly Calendar 2019

A yearly calendar 2019 is usually designed in a template. Some templates can be downloaded for being printed. The template is helpful to make you have your printable calendar. These are some recommended template designs of this calendar.

2019 Green Yearly Calendar

The first template is full of green colors. The words are green so that it looks fresh and nice to print. The calendar has the holiday days so that you can see it in the descriptions on the side of the calendar. It can be a portable calendar because it looks so cute and small.

Printable 2019 Calendar

The next template is printable 2019 calendar is a good design in which it looks simple with the clear words and numbers. It has a basic color of blue with space for writing your important dates.

Floral Red 2019 Yearly Calendar

The cute design can be saved. It is a floral red calendar. It has a unique detail with floral red on the top of the calendar. Then, the side of the calendar has a space to write your dates and activities. It looks so nice to print.

Those are some designs of the template. You can select the best deal with every design of the yearly calendar. It is better to select the printable and editable one to be flexibly edited and printed. It is a great template format for your calendar.

Yearly Calendar 2019

2019 calendar with holidays

2019 calendar PDF

2019 calendar pdf


2019 calendar printable

2019 calendar printable

2019 calendar template

2019 calendar template


2019 calendar

2019 calendar