The Amazing 5 Tips to Create a Perfect Yearly Calendar On One Page

Hey friends, this time we will discuss the yearly calendar on one page. Well, we often need an annual or yearly calendar, especially at the beginning of the new year. With the calendar, our activity plan (schedule) can be well designed and neatly arranged.

a calendar is the main function is to know the dates but with a good design, it will look beautiful. But of course, it depends on the person or creative agency that manages the calendar design. Generally, calendars are made on one page because they are simpler and easier.

Tips to Create a Perfect Yearly Calendar on One Page

Well, creating a calendar on one page with a good design is not an easy matter because there are several tricks. The following are 5 tips for making a good yearly calendar on one page.

The Selection of Good and Consistent Themes

Basically, the theme of a Yearly Calendar One Page represents your company/business, the use of colors, graphics and images must represent your company/business. Therefore, make sure that you have chosen the right theme for your business and also make sure your calendar design has a consistent look from January to December.

Because if your calendar theme is inconsistent it will look unattractive and unsightly, the audience is more interested in a consistent calendar theme from the start page to the last page.

You also need to make sure your calendar theme is not too commercial (selling) or corporate, because it must be attractive to the audience so that it can be used daily.

Creating Functional Yearly Calendar On One Page Calendar

Due to the long calendar lifetime, you must make the most of this opportunity. Be sure that your Yearly Calendar On One Page design must be functional, in addition to dating information, it must also be a medium of information about your company, you can also promote your latest product or you can provide information on the achievements your company has achieved so far.

Paying Attention to the Paper Materials Used

Each printed calendar needs paper for each page, make sure you choose a good paper material for your calendar design, the paper material used for printing calendars is Art Paper 120gr if your calendar design only has one page you can use paper with more detailed charts such as Art Cartons for your calendar designs.

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If you are engaged in the environment you can use recycled paper materials to show consumers that your company/business thinks about the environment.

Paying Attention to the Image Selection

The next tips that you can do are choosing images that have high quality and resolution so that your Yearly Calendar One Page looks sharp and attractive to your audience. Keep in mind to avoid excessive use of images on your calendar because it will look annoying and cluttered and it will be difficult to find a picture that is consistent and suitable for use on the calendar.

Well, you generally can use a maximum of 7 images on the calendar on the page that you create and use images that relate to your company/business, basically, use images as needed only to provide information to the audience. Do not use many images on one page because it will be too crowded and not interesting.

The Use of Minimalist Style

It will be perfect if you make your calendar design more minimalist, give space and space that are right for the elements on your calendar, this will make your calendar more lively and pleasing to the eye.

Avoid the use of excessive effects such as transparent effects and excessive color gradations, because the trend that is developing now is more towards minimalism, therefore your calendar design must also follow your trends so that your calendar design looks more up to date.

Those are some tips that you can try to make a perfect yearly calendar on one page.


2020 Yearly Calendar On One Page

2020 Yearly Calendar On One Page

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