The Simple Ways to Create 5 Yearly Calendar Templates in Microsoft Excel

To create yearly calendar templates, it can be done using the Microsoft Excel application. That’s right. Excel can’t only be used to do mathematical calculations. But it can also be used to create the latest calendar.

To be able to use calendar templates in Excel 2013, the computer must be connected to the internet. Because we will directly download it from Microsoft’s server for free. And to start creating calendars in Excel 2013 or Excel 2016 followed by the steps.

The steps to make a yearly calendar templates in excel

Open the Excel 2013 application, in the search field type “calendar” then please click on the template that is issued and click Create. Wait until the download process is complete. Yes, your calendar is ready. Now approved in the year and the beginning of the week begins.

To update the year on, click on the year options in the points in the image below. Although it is not available on all templates, some templates provided by the initial choice for one week can be changed by clicking the Select dropdown starting the week (point 03 in the figure below).

Well, after learning how to create an annual calendar using an excel template, now take a step to find out more about the excel template that we can use to make an annual calendar.

Calendar templates of Microsoft excel

All of these Excel calendar templates have built-in functions that allow us to the calendar year allows us to use this collection of templates to make a beautiful yearly calendar.

You can choose to use a template that looks colorful or minimalist, all months printed on one sheet or printed every month on each paper or it can be said 12 pages. Well, below are nine templates of Microsoft Excel that you can use.

Calendar Every Year (1 page with the design of Rainbow Bears)

It is a colorful annual calendar template of Microsoft excel. It exactly also has small bear decorations from the Rainbow Bears series.

The Calendar of Student (Mon)

This Calendar template has a separate tab for each month with the beginning of the week starting on Monday. These templates have spaces on each tab to create a school or lecture schedule.


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In the ASSIGNMENTS section, we can write the date in column L and the information in column M for our assignments or activities. Based on the data we make, the due date of the task or activity on the calendar will be marked automatically using conditional formatting.

Although this template is intended for students, we can also use it to record work activities or activities in organizations and companies.

Yearly Calendar Completed With Holidays

It is a calendar template that has a feature to insert holidays. We can print a calendar per month or one year in 1 page. It is based on what you like.

A Playful Template of Yearly Calendar

This template is a calendar template with colorful flower decorations. We can change colors in the Themes and Colors gallery. We can decorate as we like and want.

The Tabs of Evergreen Calendar Template (Black)

This template is a kind of a dark calendar template. By using this template of a calendar, you can add notes to the reminder on each date.

Horizontal Yearly Calendar

In excel, you can find this kinds of yearly calendar templates. It is a calendar template with a month layout displayed per line (horizontal).

A Yearly Calendar Template

In this calendar template, we can choose the years from 1900 to 9999. We can create it based on the year we want to make.

Vertical Yearly Calendar

This template is a template of a calendar with all months (January – December) in 1 page in the form of columns (vertical).

A Calendar Template of Small Business 

It is a calendar of 1 month per page. On each calendar page, you can put photos, logos, contact info, and other notes.

Those are the ways to make and the examples of yearly calendar templates in a Microsoft excel.

Yearly Calendar Templates

Yearly Calendar Templates

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Yearly Calendar Templates 2019

Yearly Calendar Templates 2020

Yearly Calendar Templates 2020

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free yearly calendar templates